The Benefits of Hot Paraffin Waxing

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by: Todd Headlee Burns

Hot paraffin has been used since the times of the Romans and up to this day, it is still used in many massage therapies, waxing procedures and rehabilitation therapies. It is used in these procedures because of its therapeutic properties. Aside from the medical therapists, aestheticians have been using hot paraffin as part of some their procedures such as hot paraffin waxing.

Using wax to remove body hair can be an easy way to keep you neat and trim while looking and feeling beautiful. Men and women alike have been using the process of waxing to achieve their own state of personal beauty for years. Wax can be used on virtually any part of your body where you wish to remove hair, such as the upper lip and face, arms and under arms, legs, and even your bikini area. Many have never waxed out of fear of the pain it could cause them, while many continue to wax regularly. How your body reacts to waxing is entirely different than your neighbor, but there are a few things you can do to help minimize the pain and take care of your skin afterwards. You may find that waxing will actually keep the hair from growing back thicker and darker as it does when you shave.

How hot paraffin waxing is done

Thoroughly wash and dry the area that is to be treated. Hot paraffin wax is put on the skin as a warm liquid wax and allowed to cool and harden. Once the treatment is complete, the wax is peeled off and the area is then ready for waxing. The heat from the paraffin wax is absorbed by the skin, increasing blood circulation, rejuvenating the skin and making it supple. Since it is heavy in molecular weight, it increases the blood supply to the area being treated and traps moisture from underlying layers of the skin, resulting in rejuvenated and nourished skin. Hot paraffin waxing is done in waxing salons but you can now do it at home with DIY kits.

Benefits of hot paraffin waxing

Hot paraffin waxing uses hot paraffin as part of the waxing procedure. Waxing is generally painful and using hot paraffin waxing procedure will reduce the pain, promote faster healing as well as effectively moisturize the skin. In dermatologic procedures, dryness of the skin causes an increase in skin sensitivity and without enough moisture in the skin, redness, itching and irritation has a high incidence. Hot paraffin waxing solves all these dilemmas because hot paraffin opens up the skin pores, let the moisture in and hold it there leaving the skin soft and hydrated and ready for the actual waxing procedure.

Sport The Trendiest Swim Wear This Summer

by: Jan Wolkov

If you want to look fabulous on the beach, check out the newest swim wear trends. You have the option to choose a suitable swim suit from classic tankinis, halters, bandeau styles and many more. Add some accessories to your swim wear and get the most flattering look.

Looking your best on the beach totally depends upon the type of bikini you choose and the way you carry it. Choosing the right bikini is essential as it will help you enhance your best features. From the numerous designs and styles available in the market, you can choose the one that compliments your personality. To jazz up your look a bit more, you can add some accessories like hats, jewelery and sunglasses. If you want to make a style statement, try out some of the best designs of this season. Sporting a swim suit that reflects your personal style makes you look even better. Find yourselves the type of bikini that accentuates your curves and hide your flaws.

Whether you choose a modest or a skimpy bikini, make sure you carry it with confidence. Bandeau top bikinis and triangle top bikinis are the most flattering swim wear for women with smaller bust. A bandeau top helps keep away tanning lines. A tankini top is always trendy that hides the flab around waist. A tankini is a combination of a tank top. It is ideal for those of you who don't want to show off the tummy. Thick straps are good for the wide shoulders that make them appear less broad.

If you have a heavy bust, you should try out the halter bikinis. Since halters are tied around the neck and on the back, these offer support to the bust. The cover up the whole midriff. Avoid wearing necklace with the halters, but add a charm or a bracelet for a more stunning appearance. Bikini Separates are a good option to blend different styles and designs. When you mix and match your separates, look for the same pattern. From the most revealing bottoms to the boys shorts and traditional string bikinis that are knotted at both sides, you should choose a bottom that you are most comfortable with.

Trina Turk swim wears is the attention grabbers of this season. Her collection of swim wears includes many different styles and designs that are ruling the fashion world. Embellished with a classic touch, her bikinis have bold prints on both the bottoms and the tops. Her collection has been featured in numerous fashion magazines and many celebrities like Mischa Barton, Jennifer Aniston and Leslie Grossman have flaunted her swim wears. You can show off one of her bikinis that are widely acclaimed for their fabulous designs and amazing fit. To make your swimming attire complete, you should team up a wide hat in a color that suits your swim suit and a pair of sunglasses that come in different shapes and styles. The hat will provide protection to your face from the sun rays. These two will add an appeal to your look.

If you want to sport a trendy bikini this summer, you can search the Internet and find the hottest collection of Trina Turk swimwear and choose the most suitable one.

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